As a Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator, busy mother who deals with day-to-day challenges of practicing what I preach in my own life, I am passionate about what I do and take great pride in providing each client with individualized tools that thoroughly enable comprehensive knowledge to promote understanding, utilization, and implementation all nutrition related concerns.  I believe my client’s outcomes are enhanced greatly because I provide a tangible uncomplicated method of following and achieving success.

Our first consultation may begin in the individual home.  This enables a more comfortable and personalized, and convenient atmosphere for the client.  In-depth interviewing regarding clinical, environmental, and social history is gathered.  We examine the cupboards and refrigerator to benefit from a ‘hands on’ approach towards portion sizes, label reading, and food preferences.

Based on the individuals needs, we then might pay a visit the grocery store to allow increased compliance with statistic showing that 80% of changes are observed and only 20% are from verbal command.    Also, studies show that individuals generally take the 20 same items from the grocery store.  When individuals are told they are ‘not permitted’ to have a food item he/she just refrains from the item.  Consequently, failure comes with not having sufficient substitutions.  We collectively come up with tangible healthy based substitutions that are easily attainable and satisfying.

If an individual wishes, we may have a cooking lesson.  This provides great fun for the whole family to participate with a very entertaining ‘hands on session’.  This lends itself to a friendly and fun way towards family involvement.   Having so many individuals dine out for meals, we can also review local eateries and restaurants to ensure optimum selections. With 65% of the country being overweight, it is no surprise   that a whopping 10 billion dollar food industry is not concerned with individual health consequences.  However, by simply changing some favorite foods around within a non-intimidating atmosphere lends itself to great success. 

A follow up or continuous consultations might be desired for encouragement and motivation.  All nutrition and food management goals are based on individual needs; sessions may vary based on desired outcome. 

Again, as a nutritionist experienced in motivating and steering you into your desired direction, I have a great passion for wanting to you to feel better; both, mentally and physically.  I truly feel that what ever one’s nutritional goals are there can be a clear uncomplicated solution. 


E-mail: leslie@leslieburman.com